ArtWork of Ken Simm
ArtWork of Ken Simm

The Solstice Stnehenge Wiltshire. Photograph.


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My name is Ken Simm and I am an Artist, Teacher, Writer and Photographer living in Scotland.

I have a degree in Fine Art and a Postgraduate Certificate of Education. I taught for 30 years. For the last 5 as an Advanced Skilled Teacher. I am now retired.

Images, photographs and painting produced during journey’s around the islands of Britain and Ireland. Animals, birds and history, nature and landscapes. Watercolours, drawings, photographs and prints. Wild places, islands small and large, holy and empty, ancient places, kingdoms and mysterious sites. Waterfalls, Abbey and Castle. Architecture and nature, Coast and Mountain. Dogs and Horses, Magic and Mystery.
The journey is as important as the destination.


I don’t see any element of my art as seperate from the others. My photographs originally came as note taking for my painting before becoming important aspects in themselves.   The writing is equally part of the whole. I see no real difference between any modes of Creative Expression. The Camera is to the photographer as the brush is to the painter. A tool nothing more. 

This is an attempt to produce Plural Energies. All techniques communicate towards the whole.



My images are in collections around the world.



An artist will take you on a trip around his work. He will tell you what to view and in what order. He will attempt to provoke a variety of responses, even negative one's. He will appeal to your sense of wonder. He will ask pertinent questions of you whilst you view. No one should remain passive in front of a piece of art work. This artwork will and should ask as many questions of both the intellect and the emotions as it answers. This is true of all art.
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